Carousel Film Festival

For this project I faced the challenge of accurately depicting the nature of the film festival, while engaging both young and old audiences. Realistically, the parents hold the purse strings, and I wanted to encourage them to loosen up by reliving the nostalgic moments of their childhood; through the same movies they can now pass on to their kids. In order to do this I used bright, playful characters based on imagery that the young-at-heart would find nostalgic. There is a recurring theme of ‘Hue’ the view-master, hiding throughout the book, to give the reader a reason to interact with every spread. The film festival system includes a logo and identity, business cards, program, poster, website, tickets/passes and an event trailer. The colour palette is soft and dreamlike to reflect the distant nature of nostalgia, while the red and burnt yellow tones also reflect the original colours of the classic view-master. The dreamy blue sky and cloud motifs are a common theme among the Pixar, Disney and Dreamworks branding. For the identity typeface there needed to be a good balance between new and old, keeping it playful while maintaining a subtle hint of sophistication. The end result was using the typeface Cocon Pro for the name. This typeface is whimsical and plays with round forms with moderate weight that maintains an easily legible state at any size. The tagline typeface is Open Sans which compliments the Cocon Pro typeface.

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