The task was to create a pop-up shop, and since it’s a temporary location, I decided to hit the highest ROI possible, leading me to create branding for a jewelry store. Artisan & Co is a fictional jewelry supplier who purchases bulk orders from artisanal jewelers. It is designed to build a community of fashion-focused consumers and deliver unique accessories at reasonable prices. The target audience is working women; they prefer quality over quantity and want more unique jewelry for their dollar. They are individuals who want their accessories to reflect their daily selves. They desire versatile and unique pieces that will add the perfect touch to their wardrobe. The name was chosen based on the fact that the company focuses on the art of jewelry making. The foil stamped logo is in the shape of diamond-like cage heart to imply luxury. The shelving and structures in the pop up shop were constructed with layered, stained wood to acknowledge the handcrafted roots of every piece.

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