I look for simple solutions for solving complicated problems. As a multidisciplinary designer, my style is clean, minimal and intuitive. I have attained post-secondary education in marketing communications and graphic design. 
One of the greatest challenges a designer must face is the need to focus on the relevant details without cluttering the layout or diluting the message. As a well rounded designer, I have refined these skills across multiple media platforms and my background in marketing makes me adept at communicating with clients to ensure that their vision comes to life.
Concept development, research and making personal connections are enormously important to my design process. Design is the most powerful tool a company has access to, so I encourage and challenge clients not to be afraid to push the envelope to stand out and strive for more than what your competitors are doing.
Design is the act of telling your story, and reaching your audience. This is impossible to do if they are not properly engaged. In order to find the most effective means of communication, thorough research experimentation and collaboration must be undertaken.  Through this process we can push the envelope in innovating ways, without the risk of missing our demographic.

2016 ADCC Student Competition: Graphic Design: ARTISAN & CO.
2016 RGD: Cundari Award for Advertising/Promotion Design - Honourable Mentions for ARTISAN & CO.
2016 RGD: 50 Carleton Award for Logo Design - Honourable Mentions for Carousel Film Festival